Sunday, July 19, 2015

A snapshot of Elizabeth/Plaza Midwood

What do a 1920 apartment building, an LGBT book/gift store, and a 2015 apartment building (The Gibson, 250 apts. under construction) have in common? They're all in this photo I took and they're a snapshot in time of July 18, 2015.  How this image will change in the future is an interesting question.

First off, this image is technically only showing Charlotte's Elizabeth neighborhood, but I captioned it Elizabeth/Plaza Midwood, as the stick-built frame rising above The White Rabbit is emblematic of changes in that more well-known neighborhood. (Sorry Elizabeth, as a relative Charlotte newcomer (moved here in 2012), it seems like Plaza Midwood and NoDa are more well-known - perhaps I'm wrong?)

I took this photo while sitting on the front porch of The Frock Shop, a vintage clothing store housed in a 1912 Craftsman Foursquare house on Central Avenue.  It was a hot Saturday night, with some merciful breezes, as I joined a PACKED house (inside and out) listening to Charlotte Storytellers' Story Slam.  I'll definitely keep an eye out for their next event, and am curious to see how the corner of Central Avenue, 10th Street and Louise Avenue changes over the months and years (NOTE: Street View image is from May 2014)

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